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Wellness Division

Chaplain Services

Throughout the years, the Chaplain’s program has grown into other areas of the Sheriff’s Office. In 2004, we established the Chaplain Patrol Division, which consist of two Chaplains whose main task is to encourage, listen, counsel and help in any way possible, the men and women who work patrol day in and day out. Chaplains do “ride alongs” with officers when possible, and spend time with them when a specific need arises. Chaplains have also been available for counseling to the staff and have on occasion, performed weddings for those in the department.

Another dimension of the Patrol Chaplain is to assist in making notification to family when someone’s life has been lost. This is another way we can support the men and women of the Patrol Division. We also help in walking the family through immediate concerns such as making notification to other family members, work supervisors, friends and clergy to name a few. Some of our Chaplains have even been asked to perform services for those deceased.

Our goal as Chaplains is to help individuals through what could be some of the most difficult times of their lives. We are at the service of the inmates, staff, administration of the Sheriff’s Office, and the people of Porter County.

Chaplain Jay Birky

(219) 477-3125

Jail Case Management Services

The Jail Case Managers are responsible for assisting individuals in the jail who request post-release resources or jail programming. Case Managers work with individuals to create an aftercare plan upon release, which includes making referrals, providing applications, and scheduling appointments with treatment providers. The Case Managers also facilitate some of the programs within the jail.

Kerry Slaga


Lead Jail Case Manager

(219) 477-3114

Kayla Wetzig


Jail Case Manager

(219) 477-3068


Police Social Work

The police social worker assists the police and the community in situations related to mental health, Substance Use Disorder, housing instability, and other challenges to reduce crime and repeated calls for service involving a wide variety of community needs.

Sam Burgett, MSW,LSW

Police Social Worker

(219) 477-3117

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