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Senior Citizens
Project Lifesaver


Project Lifesaver International (PLI) was founded by public safety officers themselves to bring about a solution that facilitates not just the speedy return of wanderers to their families upon being found but the actual rapid location of the wanderers themselves — a strategy that greatly increases the chance that the wanderer will be found alive.  Porter County Sheriff Project Lifesaver Application.

Porter County Aging & Community Services


PCACS extends a helping hand to seniors, the disabled, and the low income by providing compassionate services to improve their quality of life while maintaining their dignity and independence.


They strive to be the recognized leader in providing exceptional services that assure improved quality of life and independence to those they serve.

Porter County Triad

Porter County Triad is a partnership of law enforcement, area seniors, senior health care providers, clergy, social service organizations and state and local agencies dedicated to creating a sense of belonging among the experienced and valued segment of our society, our seniors.

You can also visit their Facebook page at

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