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Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer is the link between the community and the Porter County Sheriff’s Office. We take great pride in representing the Sheriff’s Office in a positive and personable approach. We strive to keep the community informed and up-to-date with important, valuable information on all incidents, public events, and going-on’s in the area. We make it a priority to get out details on emergency situations and safety issues, as quickly as we can with the most up-to-date information. Our positive and honest relationship with the media allows us to do that. The use of social media and our Facebook page has provided us with even more immediate access to reach the public and helps to spread important information. The Public Information Office also works in close conjunction with the Porter County Substance Abuse Council and the Drunk Driving Task Force, spreading awareness and helping in the fight against Substance Abuse in Porter County. We strive to interact and visit the area schools to continue building that positive bond with the community and show our love for serving the communities where we all work and live. Porter County is the home of all of our officers too.

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