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Submit A Tip

Welcome to the Porter County Sheriff's Office Submit A Tip feature.  The PCSO's Submit A Tip page allows you to anonymously submit a crime tip or report noise or vandalism complaints.  This feature is only for unincorporated areas of Porter County under the Sheriff's Office jurisdiction.  If you have a tip for any other jurisdiction, please contact that town or city agency.  If you have any questions regarding Sheriff or jail related business that you cannot find the answers to on our website, please contact the Sheriff's Office at 219-477-3000.  This Submit A Tip feature is not monitored for business related questions.  Please note: if this is an emergency, call 911 immediately.  If you have been the victim of a crime and want to speak with an officer or a detective, please call 219-477-3130.  To send an anonymous tip, use the form below.

DISCLAIMER: Call 911 for a crime in progress or to report a crime you can call 219-477-3000.

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