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Detective Bureau

The Porter County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau consists of eight highly trained Merit Officers and an Administrative Assistant with over 30 years of dedicated service. All Detectives had first served years developing their skills as Patrol Officers/Specialty Unit Officers and are assigned to the Detective Bureau after demonstrating a high aptitude for investigations. The Detectives specialize in and are assigned specific types of crimes: Crimes Against People, Property Crimes, and Financial Crimes.


Due to the sometimes complicated nature of these crimes, the work necessary to bring about the successful conclusion may take a tremendous number of hours, days or even months of investigative work. To assist with the successful prosecution of these crimes, members of the PCSO Detective Bureau have specialized training in several areas:

  • Crime Scene Investigation

  • Computer Voice Stress Analysts

  • Cell Phone Forensics

  • Advanced Interviewing Techniques

  • Practical Homicide Investigation

  • Major Case Management


The PCSO Detective Bureau is dedicated to ethically and diligently investigating crimes against the citizens of Porter County and to helping insure the successful prosecution of all of those that aim to harm our residents.

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