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Detective Commander Jeff Biggs

SWAT Team Commander


Sheriff David M. Reynolds formed this elite team in January of 1999.  Due to the county’s rapid growth, the Sheriff felt it necessary to form a specialized unit to resolve high-risk situations.  As the commander of this team, I believe that a well- trained team's response to a critical incident results in a successful resolution.  The main objective of the team is to respond to hostage or barricade situations and resolve the incident without injures to officers, victims or the suspect. This team is made up of highly dedicated patrolmen, detectives, conservation officers and administrators.  We also have a doctor, and nurses, on the team all of whom volunteer their time and train with us each month. The team currently has three hostage negotiators that also respond to assist in resolving high-risk situations. 

“There are no poor units, only poor commanders” and “A leader can delegate his authority, but he can never delegate his responsibility” are two of my favorite quotes by the great leader Napoleon.  With that being said, I give my solemn oath to the citizens of Porter County that each time this team embarks on a mission it will be due to necessity and will be well planned to preserve life and property.  

 Each team member has volunteered for the position and was required to pass an oral interview and physical fitness evaluation. These men are highly trained and must maintain a high degree of physical fitness. Two days of training each month have been instituted to insure the highest performance.  Our training consists of physical conditioning, firearms and mock scenarios.  The training becomes very intense during the scenarios.  We know that during real situations there are no second chances or time outs. The ERT weapons of choice are the Heckler & Koch MP5 - 40 caliber sub machine gun, the Heckler & Koch G-36 - 223 caliber machine gun, the 12-gauge shotgun and the Glock 31 handgun.  All team members are required to maintain the highest level of proficiency with each weapon. Our sniper team has two members.  They carry Robar SR-60 sniper rifles and Leupold Mark IV scopes.  It is the commitment of the Porter County Sheriff's Department ERT to provide the highest level of protection to all citizens who live and work in Porter County. All members are dedicated professionals willing to take their obligation to this community to a much higher level. It is our desire to serve Porter County for years to come.





SWAT Photos

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The Team

Lieutenant Jeff Biggs - Team Commander

Sergeant Eric Jones- Team Leader Sergeant Eric Wiseman- Team Leader
Sergeant Jesse Klemz Sergeant Tim Manteuffel
Corporal Jim Gaskill Corporal Bill Knapp
Officer Kevin Vanklay Officer Jason Dobson
Officer Jason Gusic
VPD Dave Richardson VPD John Patson


"Signal 47" is called when the team
is dispatched on a mission, in memory of
Officer Timothy L. Hecht, unit # "47"
who died in the line of duty on February 11, 1999
while training for the SWAT Team.

Tim enjoying some off duty time
The team's patch also carries a "47"
in memory of Officer Hecht.


SWAT  Chaplain

Jay Birky


SWAT  Medical Team

Dr. John Agee

RN LuAnn Hoyt

RN Mike Krupa

RN Sandra Hampton

RN Melissa Parker

RN Mike Crowley

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