Porter County Sheriff's Patrol

Bomb Squad

Formed in 1975, the EOD unit or "Bomb Squad" was activated due to the influx of public service calls to dispose of or render safe explosive devices, unstable chemicals, pipe bombs and to deal with the increasing amount of bomb threats.  The Bomb Squad has been providing explosive disposal services to the citizens of Porter County and seven other counties for almost 27 years. We have also trained public safety service personnel in search techniques and improvised explosive recognition.  The squad is comprised of six FBI certified bomb technicians. EOD training is of the utmost importance and heavily emphasized in all of our team planning.  This serves a double purpose. Safety of the Bomb Squad team members and public safety.

Bomb Squad members are graduates of the Hazardous Device School located at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.  Every two to three years we must complete a one week re-certification course at the Redstone facility. FBI recommended in-service training is also completed on a monthly basis. The recommended 16 hour training is fulfilled during two eight hour days. Additional training is scheduled through many professional agencies. International Association of Bomb Techs and Investigators, Great Lakes Bomb Tech Association, FBI, ATF and US Army  are highly recommended for training sources and are utilized frequently. Training has always been a top priority as we strive to provide the very best services to Porter County and the surrounding seven counties.




Bomb Robot Saves Lives


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