Porter County Sheriff's Patrol

Bike Patrol

The Porter County Sheriff's Department Bicycle Patrol unit was formed in the Spring of 1999.
Bicycle patrols have emerged as a more effective way for police to improve community relations, while allowing an officer to cover more ground than if assigned to a foot patrol beat. In addition, the bicycles allow officers to get into areas inaccessible to patrol vehicles, 
and it also allows them to "sneak" up on the bad guys!
The officers ride in predetermined areas of Porter County and at special events. The unit's  schedule varies based upon need and condition.  The unit does not operate as a separate entity,  but as a compliment to the given day's  assignments within the patrol division.
Feedback from the public, based on the use of  the unit to date has been over-whelming positive.  The bicycle is not as intimidating as a patrol car, and the public feels more accessible to the officer and visa versa. 

 Look for the bicycle patrol in your neighborhood, and don't be afraid to say hello!



Bicycles Donated in Honor of Lorraine Kirkley

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