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More of Sheriff Lain's Police Collectables


A selection of old insignia from the Gary Police Department.

Among the items in this display case are a couple of 19th century rattles, and a ball and chain found in the old Joliet, IL Prison

On the middle shelf of this display are two
 flashlight billy clubs. On the floor of the case are two Irish Shillelaghs and a bog oak club. Just to the rear is an Oregon Boot, complete with carrying case, salvaged from a prison in Pontiac, IL


Chicago PD call box. Early cast iron construction.

The upper case contains the remnants of my career with Valparaiso PD, including my patrolman, corporal, lieutenant, and retired badges. Just below hangs another grouping of Illinois prison artifacts.  The gas gun is from Lake Erie Chemical, as is the gas billy.

An assortment of blackjacks. Us old guys will
 remember the extra pocket added to 
uniform slacks to accommodate these.

Various forms of batons. Bottom to Top: 
Mid 19th Century U.S. stick.; 1920’s expandable “SIPO” 
(German) brand; English “swingler”;  Early 20th Century “Flask” baton; 
“Humane” club with leather “padding”; King Wm.IV ere English truncheon

Left to right: 1860’s Adams cuff (1st adjustable US pat.);
 Grandaddy of the Peerless swing-thru design, patd. 1912; Malby “Trigger” cuff, c.1904. Bottom: Rare “Gale Finger Cuff”, which doubled as knucks.

A display of obsolete Indiana police badges 
dating from the first half of the 20th century. 


A display case  containing a variety of police memorabilia. Among the items seen on the upper shelf are two 19th century dark lanterns, a revolver grip manufactured in Gary, Indiana that has compartments for 6 extra cartridges, an 1870’s NYC uniform belt and buckle, a Bissell billy club, and one of only four known examples of a police baton with a “self defense” mechanism.  If the club were grabbed by a thug, as he pulled it away from the officer, 17 steel “teeth” would protrude, forcing its release.  

On the floor of the case, are items such as an old English “swingler”, or club with an articulated head, a rattle with folding handle, Tower leg
 irons, and the badge is an old “pie plate, inscribed PATROLMAN RETIRED, with applied copper numbers: 298.

A badge from the defunct town of Port Fulton, Indiana.
 The town was annexed by the city of Jeffersonville,
 many years ago. This badge bears the unusual 
hallmark of “TADPOLE”. 

A display of items carried by Gry, Indiana Detective Captain
 Frank Kurmis. His career was from 1950-1972. Note 
the old (heavy!) “Convoy” blackjack in the upper right corner.

A case containing obsolete badges and patches from the Lake County, 
Indiana Sheriff’s Department. Three badge sets (breast and hat) are included.


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