Safe Schools

As Sheriff of Porter County, one of my main goals is to make all of you feel safe, comfortable and secure as you go to school each day. I'm asking you to "LET US IN."

  • Tell us when a classmate talks about or brings a gun or any type of weapon or bomb to school. We want to know.
  • Tell us when you hear someone threaten another student or if they harm them in any way. We want to know.
  • Tell us if anyone tries to sell you drugs or pressures you to use them. We want to know.
  • Tell us any and all of your concerns. We want to know. LET US IN.

This site was designed to give you a safe place to anonymously report concerns and problems within your school. Any concern. Anything that is important to YOU. LET US IN.

Let us know what is going on in a way that you feel safe.

Toll-Free Hot Line:  1-877-559-9991

I am also available to you if you would like to talk to me privately. My office is open to you at any time. Just call 219-477-3000 or e-mail me.

Please help me keep your schools safe. Please—LET US IN!

Working hand in hand with your school to keep you safe.