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Porter County Sergeant Jeremy Chavez Saves a second Baby's Life



Officer's life-saving effort revives girl


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SOUTH HAVEN | Twenty-one-month old Olivia Turnick’s lips had turned blue and her eyes rolled back in her head Wednesday afternoon when her mother dialed 911 for help.

Call it luck, fate or an answer to her prayers, Porter County sheriff’s Sgt. Jeremy Chavez was just around the corner from Olivia’s home. Within seconds of his arrival and the first aid administered to Olivia, the baby went from gasping to crying.

“It was music to my ears,” Chavez said. “If she was crying, she was breathing.”

Olivia’s mother, Shirley Hollifield, said she had just put Olivia down for a nap, and had planned to take a nap also.

But Hollifield said she heard “something weird” and went to check on her daughter.

She said Olivia’s mouth was blue and she was drooling excessively.

She said she turned Olivia on her side to keep her from choking and called 911 for an ambulance.

Hollifield said she was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher when she heard a knock at her door.

“It brings tears to my eyes," Hollifield said. “I prayed over my daughter while I was on the phone.”

Chavez said his response time was “literally one minute.”

“He was like my angel,” Hollifield said. “He was right at my front door.”

When he arrived, Hollifield was holding her daughter, while her dogs, protective of Olivia, barked at Chavez, she said.

Chavez took Olivia so Hollifield could secure the dogs in another room.

He said he performed first aid of back blows and chest compressions, hoping to clear her airway.

Hollifield said she had turned away just long enough to secure her dogs when she heard Olivia crying.

Olivia was taken by ambulance to Porter Regional Hospital and was examined again Thursday morning by doctors, Hollifield said.

Hollifield said Olivia had an ear infection and a fever of 102.8 degrees. Doctors said the fever likely caused a seizure.

Hollifield said Olivia is doing well and is expected to be fine.

Wednesday’s events unfolded very much like a call Chavez handled just three months ago in Liberty Township.

Chavez came to rescue of 4-week-old Chyna Earl who had stopped breathing.

Chavez said he was not initially scheduled to work either shift, but had traded with another officer. Both incidents came just a short time after CPR and first aid recertification training, he said.

Hollifield said Chavez knew exactly what to do.

“He was amazing. He didn’t even blink. He knew what to do. He turned Olivia over and the next thing I knew she was crying.

“I’ll never be able to thank him enough for what he did.

"He’s a godsend,” she said. “What a blessing.”

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