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Animal Control Net Guns


Greg Nemeth, Porter County animal control supervisor, shoots a net from a gun as he and other officers

practice using the the device Tuesday at the Porter County Expo Center.



Doug Crandall, a Porter County animal control officer, prepares to repack a net from new NetGuns

the department recently acquired for use in capturing stray dogs.

The officers practiced shooting with the new devices Tuesday at the Porter County Expo Center in Valparaiso.


Net Guns give animal control officers help capturing elusive dogs


April 15, 2014 7:59 pm  •  Times Staff

VALPARAISO | Like a device out of Batman's utility belt, new Net Guns are one more weapon in the arsenal of the Porter County Animal Control to capture dogs on the run.

The three-man division of the Porter County Sheriff's Office tried out the new equipment for the first time Tuesday at the Porter County Expo Center.

The devices, which look like a large flashlight, can shoot a net about 30 to 45 feet over stray dogs who would resist other attempts to be collared by animal control officers.

The nets are propelled by pressurized carbon dioxide.

Animal Control Officer Patrick Cassin said the nets would be used when other methods — such as a snare or trap — fails.

The goal, Cassin said, is to get stray or vicious dogs to the shelter where they are safe. Dogs often fear the officers, and run into traffic trying to get away.

For dogs that keep their distance from officers, the net provides a means for capturing them before they get hurt, or hurt someone else.

Officers Greg Nemeth and Doug Crandall said the most difficult aspect of using the new device is repacking the nets.

Crandall said dogs that have been abused are often afraid of officers. They often won't let anyone get within 10 to 15 of them.

The net allows officers a chance to get those dogs into an environment where they can be rehabilitated.

"It's the best solution I can think of," he said.

Officers said they looked a data from previous calls and determined there was a need for this type of device.

The Sheriff's Department purchased three Net Guns — one for each officer — at a cost of $650 per device.





 Porter County Animal Control officers try out their new Net Guns to use

for capturing stray dogs Tuesday at the Porter County Expo Center in Valparaiso.



Greg Nemeth, Porter County animal control supervisor, left, and officer Doug Crandall repack a net they

fired while practicing the use of new net guns the department recently acquired for use in capturing stray dogs.

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