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Porter County Triad ribbon cutting

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller joined Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas, Porter County Sheriff David Lain, the owners of Prompt Ambulance Service and others in a ceremony to unveil a new ambulance dedicated to Porter County Triad at Prompt Ambulance's Valparaiso base on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Porter County's Triad is an important resource for area seniors that Attorney General Zoeller said is the coming together of people to help seniors who, "need a little more protection  because they are vulnerable in a lot of ways." Zoellers added, "I think we all owe a duty to serve those people who have really been the generation to lead us."
Ron Donahue, Business Development Director for Prompt Ambulance says the company hopes this newest ambulance addition will help promote the triad's "unique programs available to seniors in our area."  Donahue said Prompt has other ambulances in their fleet dedicated to the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society and Supporting Heroes.


The ribbon is cut on the latest addition to the Prompt Ambulance fleet that will promote the Porter County Triad)
Mayor Costas, who is seen in the above photo cutting the ribbon with Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, Porter County Sheriff David Lain, Prompt Ambulance owners Gary and Shar Miller, officials with Porter County Triad, logo designer, IVY Tech Valpo student Courtney Anderson and other officials, says the Triad is a unique partnership.
The Porter County Triad is a partnership of law enforcement, area seniors, senior health care providers, clergy, social service organizations, and state and local agencies . Triads not only help with elderly related medical issues Zoeller said Triads also partner with his office to in "educating older adults about scammers to offers programs to assist according to a press release for the attorney general's office.

Mayor Costas (pictured) told Region News that when it comes to helping with the needs of the area's aging adults that it's important to stay focused, "on preventative measures because that's always the best investment...to stop the problem before it exists and that is what Triad is doing." According to Donahue, a triad must be first approved by the county's sheriff department and Porter County Triad is only one of 22 county triads in the entire state, an honor not lost on anyone at the dedication ceremony.

Indiana Porter County Sheriff David Lain (pictured above speaking with L-R Ron Donahue of Prompt, Chris Behrendt of Porter County Triad, and company co-owner Gary Miller and Linda Gurgel of Porter County Triad), said with attorney general Greg Zoeller attending the ambulance dedication ceremony attests to the fact that the triad is "something to be trusted."  "Seniors know that they are being preyed upon and so top have the power of the attorney general's office and local law enforcement , it gives (seniors) that comfort level," according to Sheriff Lain.  Lain said that the ambulance being unveiled at the ceremony, "is going to be a beacon...for everyone around Northwest Indiana...people will see that Triad logo on the side of the ambulance, and that will say so much more than we ever could say as individuals."

The look of the new Porter County Triad decaled ambulance was conceived by IVT Tech Community College's design class student Courtney Anderson (pictured above).
Susan Perry's design class at IVY Tech's Valparaiso campus partnered with Prompt for an ambulance design project.  Anderson said that the students were each given a different assignment that would allow the student to put in their own designs and her design was picked from all the others.  She said that "we were given a list of things that we had to specifically put on the ambulance and I made sure everything was on there."  The design student added, "I just had to put it in the right place to make everything look nice. "She wants to make sure that when people see her design they know that it is Porter County Triad she added, "it's important, I mean Prompt is supporting them."
You can hear Wednesday's entire ribbon-cutting ceremony online by selecting the News Audio On Demand link at: http://www.regionnewsteam.com
(photos: courtesy of Jay Stevens/Radio One Communications)

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