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PCSP Swat team in action

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Police Man barricaded in Jackson Township home

Times Staff

Porter County police went to a Jackson Township home about noon after receiving a call from the Chesterton Medical Center, where the man’s father went after being attacked by his son, LaFlower said.

Police went to the home to investigate and had commitment orders from Judge William Alexa. Officers were given a key to the home by a family member, LaFlower said.

When the officer went inside, the man slammed the door on the officer and said he had a gun, LaFlower said. That was the last time officers had any contact with him.

LaFlower confirmed shots were fired from inside the home. He said tactical officers fired tear gas into the home, but that did not drive out the man.

Officials used two robots, usually used by the county's bomb squad, to allow officers to see inside the home without having to send in personnel.

A family member of the person barricaded in Jackson Township house cuddles a dog Wednesday to make sure it is all right after police entered the home and rescued the dog.


Officers rescue a dog that was held up inside a Jackson Township house during a police standoff.

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