Porter County Sheriff's Department


Meter Upgrade


Porter County Sheriff’s Department met with NIPSCO officials who outlined their meter upgrade. 

The purpose of the upgrade is to allow meter readers to read the new meters quicker from a vehicle driving by the residence rather than entering the person’s property. 

It should also eliminate “estimated” bills.  Also, for those residents who have REMC service, that company has been using the new meter technology for several years, so no upgrades are needed for them. 


The NIPSCO program starts 02/25/13 in the South Haven area and should last about six (6) weeks.

The meter change out should take 15-20 minutes per residence.

Trucks will be marked and IBEW workers will have picture ID’s.

A blue door hanger indicates that a meter was changed.  An orange door hanger means the meter was inaccessible and the owner needs to call NIPSCO.

Any questions, contact Rick Calinski (NIPSCO public affairs) at (219) 853-4405 or (219) 951-8038.


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