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Porter County Sergeant Jeremy Chavez Saves Baby's Life

Diamond Earl holds her new daughter, Chyna Earl

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Sergeant Jeremy Chavez

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Porter County officer performs life-saving CPR on four-week-old

Posted: December 24, 2013 By Larry Yellen, FOX 32 News

VALPARAISO, Ind. (FOX Chicago News) -

A family in northern Indiana is calling it their own little Christmas miracle. A four-week-old infant who had stopped breathing was revived by a sheriff's deputy, and is now recovering.

Shortly after midnight on Saturday, Shalonda Earl heard her grandchild Chyna gasping for air. Chyna was a preemie. She had arrived 8 1/2 weeks early, and this was just the baby's second night at home.

Shalonda had run a daycare center for 14 years, so she knew how to give CPR, while the baby's mother called 911.

"I began to give her small short breaths," Shalonda recalls. "And I started the compressions, and I'd say maybe, two or three minutes, she was revived."

Shalonda then decided to head for the hospital, but when she got to this intersection, she crossed paths with sheriff's sergeant Jeremy Chavez, who was rushing to her home.

"The sheriff, thank God for the sheriff, he was headed past me, and I jumped out, and flagged him down," Shalonda continues.

"I saw the baby in the car seat and her eyes were kind of rolled back in her head," Sergeant Jeremy Chavez with the Porter County Sheriff's Department explains. "And she was unresponsive. So at that point I grabbed the baby out, I immediately began doing chest compressions, could see that she had some type of white foam, or some type of liquid around her mouth, and I just continued to do chest compressions, eventually she did come to."

Sergeant Chavez says it was the first time he's given CPR to an infant, but he knew the compressions involved using just two fingers, to avoid breaking the baby's fragile bones.

"I just distinctly remember as I was doing it," he says. "I just kept thinking, this baby can't die, not here, not now, not four days before Christmas, in front of her mom, and like I said, I just said a little prayer, and I just kept doing the compressions, and finally, she came to."

After three minutes of CPR, paramedics arrived. Baby Chyna is still in a hospital in South Bend but is expected to be okay.

And grandma has a message for Sergeant Chavez:

"He actually gave us an early Merry Christmas, and helped to save my granddaughter's life," says Shalonda. "We're appreciative.




Porter County deputy performs life-saving CPR on baby

December 23, 2013 6:00 pm John Scheibel NWI Times


A 4-week-old baby girl is alive thanks to a Porter County sheriff's deputy who performed CPR when the girl stopped breathing.

The officer credits God and his training for helping him stay calm and focused in a chaotic situation.

Diamond Earl on Friday had just brought home her baby, Chyna, who had been hospitalized since her premature birth.

Earl said her mother, Shalonda Earl, was tending to the baby when the baby stopped breathing about midnight.

Diamond Earl said she called 911 for an ambulance while her mother performed CPR. She said the baby started to breathe but was struggling.

When the baby stopped breathing again and started turning blue, they decided to drive to the hospital.

"I was crying; I didn’t know what to think," Earl said. "It was painful watching her changing colors."

En route to the mother's home, Sgt. Jeremy Chavez was flagged down by Earl.

Chavez said he went to the baby in her car seat and found Chyna with her eyes rolled back and foam at her mouth.

Chavez took the baby from the car seat and performed chest compressions until Chyna started wheezing and making noise.

Medics put the baby in an ambulance and rushed her to Porter Regional Hospital's Emergency Room.

Earl said they were transferred to Children's Memorial Hospital in South Bend, where the baby remained Monday. She said doctors don't know why Chyna stopped breathing, but she now is doing well.

Chavez said he wasn’t supposed to work Friday night but was filling in for another officer.

He said as soon as he heard the call, he started reviewing what he learned just a month ago during his CPR recertification.

During his 14 years as a police officer, he had never performed CPR on a baby.

"It was a amazing," Earl said of Chavez's efforts. "He did whatever it took to keep her alive. It was really scary."

Chavez said he tried to remain calm.

“I remember thinking this baby can’t die now, not four days before Christmas,” he said.

Earl said she's grateful to Chavez.

"It was just a blessing he was at the right place at the right time. I'm so thankful."

But Chavez believes God was at work, placing him close to the scene not long after his recertification.

“The gravity of the situation was that it could have gone the other way,” he said. “It was a miracle. God was watching over Chyna that day.”


Mother says Indiana officer saved her baby’s life
Judie García Reporter WGN News


An Indiana mother is crediting a Porter County sheriff’s deputy for saving the life of her four week old infant daughter who performed CPR when the child stopped breathing.

Diamond Earl called 911 at around midnight Friday night into Saturday morning when she realized her one month old baby daughter Chyna  was not breathing.
Chyna’s grandmother did CPS and got baby Chyna breathing just a bit and the women decided to drive the newborn to the hospital themselves.
On their way they spotted a Porter County Sheriff’s vehicle and flagged down the officer who jumped into action.

“After realizing it was the family, I jumped out of the car and immediately started doing chest compressions,” said Sgt. Jeremy Chavez.
In a minute or two, baby Chyna began responding.  Three minutes later paramedics arrived.
Sgt Chavez was not supposed to be working that night and was covering for a fellow officer.   He had considered patrolling a different area but something told him to be where he was and he was able to get to baby Chyna  within about four or five minutes of the 911 call.

Now Sgt Chavez and his family are preparing to celebrate Christmas together, thankful for their own blessings and thankful for God’s watching over baby Chyna  last Friday night.
“I don’t consider myself a hero.  It’s what we do.  It’s our job,” Chavez says. “I believe God was looking over baby Chyna that night.  It was a miracle.”


Porter County officer revives infant who had stopped breathing

AMY LAVALLEY Post-Tribune correspondent December 23, 2013


VALPARAISO — Diamond Earl’s Christmas gift came a little early, thanks to the life-saving work of Porter County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeremy Chavez.

Shortly after midnight Saturday, he performed CPR on Earl’s four-week-old daughter, Chyna, who had stopped breathing.

“I got my Christmas right here next to me, thanks to him,” Earl said.

Chyna, born two months premature on Nov. 23, was transferred Sunday from Porter Regional Hospital to Memorial Children’s Hospital of South Bend for further tests to determine why she stopped breathing, her mother said.

Chavez wasn’t supposed to be working the midnight shift Saturday. He was just filling in for another officer when he got a call a couple of minutes after midnight about a one-month-old girl in Liberty Township who wasn’t breathing.

As he pulled onto County Road 632 North, Earl and her mother, Shalonda Earl, were already in their car, on their way to the hospital. They honked the horn and flashed the vehicle’s lights so Chavez would stop.

Chavez took the infant from her car seat.

“Her eyes were rolled back and she was unconscious,” Chavez said, adding he knew on his way to the call that he would get there before the ambulance.

“Probably a minute and a half or two minutes in, she started to respond to me,” he said, adding Chyna began to make wheezing noises as he continued CPR until the ambulance arrived. “It was amazing.”

Earl said she brought Chyna home from the hospital Thursday. Saturday evening, she gave the infant a bath and a bottle and her mother offered to watch Chyna for a couple of hours so Earl could get some rest.

As Shalonda Earl was preparing for bed, “she heard (Chyna) take her last breath,” Diamond Earl said, adding her daughter stopped breathing and turned purple.

She called 911 while her mother started CPR.

Chyna started to breathe a bit, so the two decided to head to the hospital. That’s when they encountered Chavez.

“He grabbed my baby out of the car seat and did whatever he could to keep my baby alive — and he did,” Earl said, adding Chyna has been doing OK since the incident.

Chavez has been with the sheriff’s department almost 14 years. He gave CPR to an adult once, but hadn’t done it on a child until last weekend. He received his annual CPR recertification earlier this month. “I just thank God she made it,” he said.

He stopped by the hospital later to see how Chyna was doing, and Earl thanked him.

“The ironic thing is, I wasn’t supposed to be there,” Chavez said. “Things happen for a reason.”


PCSP officer saves infant's life

Chesterton Tribune


A Porter County Sheriff’s Police appears to have saved the life of a Liberty Township infant on Saturday.

According to police, at 12:02 a.m. Sgt. Jeremy Chavez was dispatched to a residence in the 100 east block of C.R. 632N in response to a report of an infant “unconscious and not breathing.”

Chavez was en route when he was flagged down by the driver of another vehicle at the intersection of C.R. 632N and North Calumet Ave. and, assuming that the woman was the child’s mother, stopped. “A female and mother of the baby” was “crying hysterically and pleaded with me to help save her baby,” Chavez stated in his report.

The infant, a girl, was “lying in her car seat with her eyes rolled back and a small amount of what looked like white foam near her mouth,” Chavez stated.

Chavez immediately began CPR on the side of the road and continued to do chest compressions until the arrival of EMS at 12:10 a.m., police said. By then the infant was “coming to by wheezing and making noise,” he stated.

EMS subsequently advised Chavez that the infant “was okay at that time” and he cleared the scene.

PCSP Sgt. Larry LaFlower told the Chesterton Tribune today that it looks as though the baby girl is going to be fine.

Investigators have spoken with the child’s mother, LaFlower added.

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