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Task Force Recognizes Officers


Porter County Sheriff David Lain presents an award to officer Paul Czupryn for making the most DUI arrests this

year in both the Porter County Sheriff's Department and Porter County as a whole on Thursday during

the Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force awards banquet.



Task force recognizes officers' effots in DUI enforcement

December 15, 2012 Times Staff


VALPARAISO | The Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force on Thursday recognized officers from across the county for their efforts in 2012 to reduce the number of impaired drivers on the road.

Valparaiso police Sgt. Michael Grennes, chairman of the task force, said there were 1,200 DUI arrests in 2012.

Paul Czupryn, from the Porter County Sheriff’s Department, led the county with 77 individual DUI arrests. Listed below are other officers who received awards.


Porter PD (22 DUI total)

1st Martin Gonzalez with 9 DUIs

2nd Tawni Komisarcik with 9 DUIs

Burns Harbor PD (41 total DUIs)

1st Adam Zosso 14 DUIs

2nd Jeremy McHargue 12 DUIs

Indiana State Police (51 total DUIs)

1st Lawrence McFarrin 12 DUIs

Kouts PD (62 total DUIs)

1st Dale Marshall 51 DUIs

Chesterton PD (89 Total DUIs)

1st Nicholas Brown 22 DUIs

2nd Troy Allen 17 DUIs

Hebron PD (93 total DUIs)

1st Travis Thomas 19 DUIs

2nd Joshua Noel 7 DUIs

Valparaiso PD (138 total DUIs)

1st Andrew McIntyre 16 DUIs

2nd Patrick Yokovich 13 DUIs

Portage PD (310 total DUIs)

1st Roger Peele 42 DUIs

2nd Rich Schmitt 27 DUIs

Porter County Sheriff’s Dept. (394 total DUIs)

1st Paul Czupryn 77 DUIs

2nd Jared Underhill 50 DUIs


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