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2011 Policeman's Memorial


Memorial service is 'solemn,' 'rejuvenating' 

By Jeff Burton nwitimes.com Friday, May 13, 2011


VALPARAISO | Dozens of officers in their formal uniforms stood in attention outside the Porter County Sheriff's Department on Friday, remembering officers whose lives were cut short -- and recommitting themselves to serve and protect.

"It is both a solemn event and it's rejuvenating as well," Sheriff Dave Lain said

Officers kicked off National Police Week on Friday with the department's annual inspection and memorial service.

Officers, prosecutors and community members recalled the sacrifices of Edward Blakely, an officer killed in the line of duty in 1961, as well as Officer Timothy Hect and Lt. Robert Hardesty, both of whom died during training exercises in 1999 and 2005, respectively.

"They were servants in so many respects and they are not only missed, but are remembered," Lain said.

During the event, Lain also highlighted the relationship law enforcement has with the media, saying that both have an obligation to keep people informed when it comes to their safety.

"We absolutely need their help in getting the word out to the community," Lain said.

Times Media Group Publisher Bill Masterson Jr. was the keynote speaker for the day and said every story about law enforcement, whether about a safety program in an elementary school or about a drug bust, lets people know that someone is watching out for them.

"What that does is send a message about how vital, how valuable you guys are to a community," Masterson said. "You're putting your life on the line every single day. That's something few of us can comprehend. It's heroic. It's humbling."



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