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Sergeant John Kuehl Retires

Officer hangs up badge after 32 years

By Jeff Burton Saturday, August 20, 2011

VALPARAISO | When Sgt. John Kuehl first hit the road as a Porter County Sheriff's patrol officer in April 1979, a two-way radio was the only way road officers had to communicate with each other.

"Except if you were driving up in Pine Township, then you were on your own," he said. "You couldn't get a signal because of the sand dunes."

On Friday, after 32 years, three months and 19 days on the job and tens of thousands of miles on his many odometers, Kuehl retired as an active officer.

Kuehl said he first became interested in police work during his adolescence, when his uncle would tell stories about his job as a detective on the EJ&E Railroad.

After being discharged from the U.S. Army in 1972, Kuehl said he held a variety of jobs before he started with the Sheriff's Department.

For 21 years, Kuehl paroled the county's roads, first as an officer then as a supervisor. Promoted to the rank of sergeant in 1989, for the better part of the past decade, Kuehl's been the first face people see when they enter the Porter County Sheriff's Department headquarters, serving as the on-duty sergeant and coordinating the sex offender registry.

Kuehl said being the face of the Sheriff's Department for people in need of help has always been interesting.

"One thing about this job, I don't think two days are ever the same," he said. "You see the best of people, you see the worst of people. You cover crimes from A to Z."

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