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PC Drunk Driving Task Force Recognizing Officers


Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force

Recognizing the Officers who help

make Porter County safe!


Awards Banquet 2011

Top PCSD DUI Officers


Porter County Sheriff's Department  (total arrest 238)

1st Place Officer: Paul Czupryn (30)

2nd Place Officer: Timothy M. Bell (22)

Total Porter County DUI Arrest 1028


Honorable Mention Officer of the Year

Officers with 10 or more DUI Arrest


Jose Mendez (18)

Adam Gleason (16)

Brian Dziedzinski (14)

William Marshall (11)

Justin Reeder (10)

Phil Pratt (10)

Jamie Erow (10)

Brain Gill (10)





Porter County honors top DUI enforcers

By Jeff Burton Thursday, December 15, 2011


VALPARAISO | Porter County's police departments saw an uptick in the number of drunken driving arrests this year, and police chiefs believe it's due in part to more aggressive patrolling.

"Aggressively going after drunk drivers is active police work," Valparaiso Police Chief Michael Brickner said. "I have a family that drives these roads every day and to have (enforcement) that is as strong as it is in this county, I'm proud of that."

Dozens of officers from around the county gathered Thursday for the annual Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force Awards, honoring officers from each department with the highest number of drunken driving arrests.

Portage Police Chief Mark Becker said people may be seeing more red and blue lights flashing on their streets, but increased police presence and aggressive enforcement have made his city and each of the county's communities safer. Those actions also may be saving lives, he said.

Portage Police Officer Greg Coleman led the county in drunken driving arrests, taking 74 alleged offenders off the streets in 2011.

Valparaiso Sgt. Mike Grennes, chairman of the task force, said the number of arrests officers are making is a testament to their dedication to serve the residents of their communities.

"It shows the dedication these officers have every night when they go out on the road, he said.

In addition to funding extra patrols, Grennes said the task force provides educational and preventative programs, many aimed at young people. This year the group expanded its efforts to bring drunken driving simulators into more high schools.

Porter County Sheriff Dave Lain applauded officers' efforts and said alcohol abuse remains one of the county's top social problems.

"We know that our society faces the scourge of substance abuse. Ninety-five percent of the people you all bring into our jail are there because of substance abuse, and we all know alcohol is king," Lain said. "We may never win the war, but we'll never stop fighting it."

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