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Porter County Sheriffs Department New Car Design

Cruisers roll out new design

By Jeff Burton Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VALPARAISO | Porter County Sheriff's Department patrol cars could soon be more difficult for speeders and scofflaws to spot along highways and county roads.

Porter County Sheriff's Department is rolling out a new paint scheme for patrol vehicles, Sgt. Larry LaFlower said.

The decades-old two-toned tan and brown paint scheme is being phased out in favor of a distinct gold color, matching the star officers wear on their uniforms.

LaFlower said two of the new cruisers are on patrol, with another six set to hit the streets in the next two months.

In addition to the new color and decal design, the cars will also be the last Ford Crown Victoria models for the department. LaFlower said the automaker is discontinuing the model and replacing it with a specialty Police Interceptor model available only to law enforcement agencies.

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