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Census Bureau Conducts Address Canvassing

Information from the U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau

In an effort to accurately count the population, Census questionnaires will be delivered to residents beginning in March 2010.  Prior to the delivery, the Census Bureau conducts Address Canvassing from April to July 2009 to ensure the address list for the Census is as accurate as possible. Address Canvassing involves Census Bureau personnel canvassing neighborhoods to update the Bureau's address list and maps using hand-held computers.

This operation will occur in all areas of the country. During this massive operation, approximately 140,000 decennial employees will conduct address canvassing in neighborhoods across the United States.  Permanent Census Bureau staff already working throughout the country will continue to conduct survey work in neighborhoods using laptop computers.  

Local law enforcement may encounter questions from residents about strangers in their neighborhoods. The U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, wants to ensure that local law enforcement can identify Census Bureau employees, both temporary decennial employees and permanent field representatives.

All employees can be identified through identification cards issued by the Census Bureau.

Sample identification and a list of contact phone numbers for each state.

There are twelve regions, which covers each state in the United States and Puerto Rico.

To verify the employee’s identity, contact the Regional Census Center in your state.

Thank you for your assistance.

Gary A. Padgett Security Specialist U. S. Department of Commerce U. S. Census Bureau


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