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Seeking Photographs and Memorabilia

Sheriff's Department seeks old photographs and memorabilia for displays, book

Porter County police piecing together history


Ken Kosky| Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2009 12:00 am


VALPARAISO | Although Porter County appointed its first sheriff, Benjamin Saylor, in 1836, don't expect the Sheriff's Department to have portraits of him or many of the sheriffs that followed him.

In an effort to piece together the missing history, the Sheriff's Department is teaming up with Kevin Pazour, Porter County Museum executive director, on a campaign to collect, record and display photographs and memorabilia from the department's history.

Police Lt. Chris Eckert, who is coordinating the effort, is asking anyone with Sheriff's Department-related pictures, badges, uniforms and other memorabilia to contact him.

"If somebody would loan them to us to get them professionally reproduced or would donate them to us (it would assist the effort)," Eckert said.

"We want to create historical exhibits here at the Sheriff's Department and at the Old Jail Museum, and print a book of the history of the Porter County Sheriff's Police."

Eckert said Pazour, who has some Sheriff's Department items in the museum, came up with the idea of trying to do a more comprehensive collection. Among the things in the museum, which is in the former jail and sheriff's residence, are old jail cells.

"We'd like to see (the departmental history) done as soon as possible, but obviously we want it as complete as possible," Eckert said.

For more information, contact Eckert at ceckert@porterco-ps.org or (219) 477-3000.

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