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The Porter County Sheriff’s Department is improving efficiency by using the Indiana Supreme Courts electronic Citation and Warning System (eCWS). Instead of writing tickets, officers use a hand-held scanner to read bar codes on a driver’s license and registration.

eCWS creates an electronic ticket right at the roadside-no scribbled handwriting, no writing multiple citations. Ticket information is stored electronically and officers print out a paper copy for the offender using a handheld printer.  The time needed for a traffic stops greatly reduced and because the citation information can be transferred electronically, there is no need for the same ticket data to be typed in multiple times by clerk and court staff.  “This e-ticket system will help us better serve the citizens of Porter County and we are fortunate that software for this system was available without charge to local law enforcement or taxpayers” said Sheriff Lain.  Providing officers with this system will reduce their time on the roadside that means they will have more time to be on patrol serving our citizens. The e-ticket system will also give officers the ability to get up-to-date information on anyone stopped for an infraction, improving officer safety,” said Sheriff Lain.

The eCWS system was created by the Indiana Supreme Court’s Judicial Technology and Automation Committee.

More information online at: http://www.in.gov


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