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November 7th, 2009….Match begins at 8am (gates open at 7)

(Please be registered and ready to shoot by 8)


North Porter County Conservation Club  (933 N Calumet Ave, Chesterton)


Any current, retired, or reserve Police Officer.  Any current or reserve member of the Military.


This is a three gun tactical match. It will utilize rifle, shotgun, and handgun.

The stages will not be published prior to the match. There is a chance that specific courses of fire will include more than one type of firearm. Course design will utilize marksmanship, speed, and tactical situations.

**Not mandatory to compete in all 3 weapon systems to participate**


Pistol: Must be a “duty” type gun. Minimum caliber 9mm/.38.

No “race” guns or holsters, no compensators, and no optical or electric sites.

Duty, tactical, concealed carry, or belt holster will be allowed.

Minimum 50 rds of pistol ammo required.


Rifle: Any serviceable and safe rifle, in a minimum caliber of .223. Semi-autos, bolt actions, lever actions etc. will compete evenly. Slings are recommended, and must remain on the rifle at all times. Bipods will NOT be allowed. Iron sights and optical or electronic sights may be used.

Minimum of 25 rds of rifle ammo required.


Shotgun: Any serviceable and safe shotgun, a minimum of 20 gauge. Optics are allowed. Minimum 10 slugs of shotgun ammo required.

-Final decision on allowable type of weapon falls to the Match Director-



Price = $20.00 (includes match participation & t-shirt)

In order to be guaranteed a t-shirt, participants need to register by Oct 31st.

Please register by email to: pcsp-ert@hotmail.com Include name, dept, and shirt size.

---FOP #165 Pistol Raffle with drawing at the Competition!!!---

Questions = pcsp-ert@hotmail.com or 219-477-3138

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