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County's top DUI enforcers honored

Jon L. Hendricks | THE TIMES Porter County Sheriff David Lain, right,

congratulates Porter County Officer Brian Gill on Thursday for arresting

46 drunk drivers in 2009 during the Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force annual luncheon.

County's top DUI enforcers honored

 By Ken Kosky  | Posted: Friday, December 11, 2009 12:00 am


VALPARAISO | Portage police Officer Michael Candiano arrested 67 people on drunken driving charges this year, making him Porter County's top DUI enforcer for the fourth straight year.

Candiano said officers are so busy these days answering an increasing number of calls, so he views enforcing the drunken driving laws as a chance to be proactive instead of reactive.

"This is a chance to stop (trouble) before it happens," Candiano said.

Candiano and the other leaders in drunken driving enforcement were honored at a banquet Thursday in Valparaiso.

Also honored for leading their departments in DUI arrests were Brian Gill, who made 46 arrests for Porter County; Anthony Dandurand, 40 arrests for Hebron; Glen Fifield, 27 arrests for Indiana State Police; Kayvon Karimi, 24 arrests for Burns Harbor; Nicholas Brown, 22 arrests for Chesterton; Peter DeYoung, 20 arrests for Valparaiso; Martin Gonzalez, 15 arrests for Porter police; and Dave Johnsten, six arrests for Kouts.

Candiano said people occasionally approach him and -- knowing he's the county's top DUI enforcer -- tell stories about family members or friends affected by drunken driving.

"It brings it to more of a personal level," Candiano said.

Gill said his father was seriously injured and missed work for a year after being hit by a drunken driver.

"I'm a bit more motivated to get drunken drivers off the street," Gill said.

Dandurand said knowing about the lives claimed by drunken driving gives him motivation.

"I like to think I helped somebody somewhere," Dandurand said.

Countywide, officers made 926 drunken driving arrests during 2009, 222 fewer than the previous year.

Porter County Drunk Driving Task Force chairman Michael Grennes, whose organization hosted Thursday's awards banquet, believes the enforcement is putting a dent in the drunken driving problem.


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