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Crisis Center Safe Place Project

(Left to Right) Sandra Porter-Phillips, Teen Court Coordinator, Shirley Caylor, Executive Director,

Nikki Wielgos, Safe Place Coordinator, Sheriff David Lain, Gavin Mariano, Public Relations Specialistand

Kathleen Marencik, Alternative House Coordinator


Sheriff David Lain and the Porter County Sheriff’s Department has partnered with the Crisis Center and the Youth Service Bureau to expand the “Safe Place” project in Porter County. Through this program, youths in crisis will be able to find help when they need it most. Whatever their problem, kids can look for the yellow and black Safe Place sign and know that there are people in that building who are trained to get the appropriate help to them.

Last month the Sheriff visited the Crisis Center to tour that residential facility, and was able to talk with some of the kids there. Anyone interested in becoming a Safe Place site, please contact the sheriff at 477-3112.

There are around 190 safe place locations in Lake County, and 35 in Porter County. Sheriff Lain has committed to adding the Sheriff’s Department to that list.


 Sheriff Lain speaks to residents of the Crisis Center's emergency shelter (Alternative House)

(Left to Right) Nikki Wielgos, Safe Place Coordinator, Sheriff David Lain and Gavin Mariano, Public Relations Specialist


Photos courtesy of Christy Eddy, Crisis Center receptionist

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