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Banta Food Drive

Sheriff, Valpo schools join Banta Feeds

By Phil Wieland NWI Times | Sunday, May 03, 2009

VALPARAISO | The economy has shown signs of slowing, but Christine Hisick is not slowing her effort to collect items to stock area food pantries.
The Banta neighborhood resident created Banta Feeds and launched her first food drive in February asking everyone to donate just one item. She held subsequent food drives in other neighborhoods, at the police department, the fire department and city hall. Starting Monday, Hisick takes her campaign outside the city limits.
Porter County Sheriff David Lain said Hisick recently contacted him about having a Porter County Sheriff Shuffle food drive at the county jail on the Ind. 49 Bypass. He was glad to accept the offer.
"We believe in getting involved in the community in any way we can," Lain said. "How can you not want to support something like this? This is for our neighbors."
A collection bin will be placed in the main lobby of the building for employees and the public to drop off donations. Another will be placed in the administrative hall of the jail where the bulk of the jail employees can use it. Lain said the department is encouraging anyone coming to the jail for any reason to "put a bag of rice in your pocket" to help the effort.
Hisick isn't stopping there. The week of May 18, the Valparaiso Schools Leading the Pack food drive will be held in all 12 of the district's buildings.
"All the schools have food drives during the year, but when Christine contacted me I thought it would be appropriate to conduct another one," Superintendent Michael Benway said. "We just ask people to give what they feel they can afford, and traditionally people are very generous."
Also joining the effort is Marrell's Front Door Dining, which delivers take-out food orders for several area restaurants. For every order the business receives, it will make a donation to the food drive. Hisick said the business's Manager Jen Boone called to volunteer her help. The donations are made at the Evelyn Bay Coffee Company, 3800 N. Calumet Ave.
Evelyn Bay's owner began collecting food to help Banta Feeds in early April, and Hisick said one container already was filled and the owner asked for another. Hisick said Mayor Jon Costas also donated $200 to Banta Feeds.
More information about the food drives is on Hisick's Web site, www.bantafeeds.com.

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