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Driver Training Simulator

The Porter County Sheriff’s Department recently had the Patrol Sim III for on site training.  The Simulator was a joint project between The Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Steel, and was used as a tool to enhance officer driving skills and increase awareness.  The Simulator uses the latest in digital simulation technology to create real-world training scenarios of virtually any kind to improve driving behaviors and skill sets in a risk-free environment. The Simulator was rented from EnMark of Bloomington, Indiana.  Patrol Officers and Jail Staff received training on the Simulator.  In addition to officers from the Sheriff’s Department, Security Staff and Emergency personnel from U.S. Steel, officers from Valparaiso PD, Chesterton PD, Porter PD, and Hebron PD also participated in the training.

Officer Joe Falatic (right) with trainer Sergeant John Kuehl







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