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Crime Down in Rural Areas

Crime down in rural areas


By Ken Kosky

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


VALPARAISO | Crime dropped about 9 percent throughout unincorporated Porter County last year, a fact that Porter County Sheriff David Lain believes is due to officers focusing on small problems so they don't grow into big problems.  "Nationally, crime has been trending upward a little bit after the decline of several years," Lain said.  Helping to keep crime low was a big drop in thefts, something Lain said is partly due to gas stations turning to prepay pumps to prevent gasoline thefts.  Thefts and batteries decreased, and robberies stayed the same, according to a recent report. Rapes, burglaries and vehicle thefts increased.  The report showed there was one homicide last year -- the June beating death of a 15-year-old South Haven boy. Police arrested a 20-year-old South Haven man and said he beat the teen over a girl. The previous year, there were no homicides.  The crime statistics are for the unincorporated parts of the county served by the Sheriff's Department -- rural areas and subdivisions such as South Haven, The Pines and Shorewood Forest.  Lain said the county's officers pay attention to small details. And when a large crime happens, police assign a team to it.  Lain, who took over as sheriff last year, rolled out some programs that were successful, including a traffic enforcement division and drug interdiction. Unfortunately, manpower concerns downsized the plan to focus on traffic complaints.  This year, Lain is looking to expand drug investigation efforts and to continue the department's focus on keeping the county safe.

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