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Detective Larr Retiring

Detective retiring from county force

By Ken Kosky

Friday, April 11, 2008



VALPARAISO | Joey Larr's biggest accomplishment during his 30-year career with the Porter County Sheriff's Department likely was when he and an investigative task force helped put David Malinski in prison for the 1999 murder of Valparaiso nurse Lorraine Kirkley, even though her body wasn't found until years later.

But the 52-year-old Larr, whose last day as a detective sergeant is today, said one case doesn't define his career. Larr, who spent a portion of his career as an arson investigator and crisis negotiator, said many of those cases were significant.  Although retiring from the Sheriff's Department, Larr plans to continue serving as a Valparaiso city councilman, a post he's held since 1999.

He also plans to start a second career and is considering options both in and outside of law enforcement.  And, with Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas announcing he will seek to become Indiana attorney general, Larr said he would be interested in becoming mayor if the opportunity presented itself.

Larr, whose father, Don, was a Valparaiso firefighter and city councilman, said that may have influenced his career choices.

Larr, who spent time as both an investigator and a patrol officer, said being an investigator offered him the opportunity to do his best work. But he spent most of the past five years as a road officer, where he said he developed a renewed respect for the caliber of officer the county employs. The newer officers, most of whom have college degrees or military experience, are highly trained and employ advanced technology and procedures.

When Larr started 30 years ago, his squad car had a single red bubble light on top of it and he carried a revolver. Now, officers have sleek light bars on their cars, semiautomatic handguns, laptop computers and more.


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