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1967 Chevrolet Impala SS


Sheriff hopes Chevy will help cops bond with kids

By Ken Kosky

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Porter County Sheriff David Lain jumped at the chance to get a 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS that had been seized in a drug bust.
Lain envisioned restoring the classic car into something that would attract young people and get them to interact positively with police. His plan came to fruition Wednesday as he unveiled the finished product.
The shiny gold and brown car, with a brand-new rumbling V-8 engine, was shown off at the Porter County police garage. The car, paid for and restored with seized drug money and donations, bears the logos of the donors and the message, "Thank you for the car, Mr. Drug Dealer."
The car will make its first official appearance at a Memorial Day parade, then will be featured at the Porter County Fair and numerous parades, car shows and other events. Lain hopes the car will be one more way police are able to talk to young people and share anti-drug and anti-alcohol messages.
County police mechanics George Munoz, Dave Gillespie and Butch Autenrieth spent a month putting in new brakes and a new engine and working on the transmission, radiator and other parts. Several police lights and a siren were among the final touches.
"It was fun," Munoz said of working on the car.
"It's vintage and we put a lot of personal pride in it."
Pinnacle Hospital, Porter-Starke Services, Radio One Communications and the Porter County Substance Abuse Council sponsored the project. Students who won a countywide essay contest on the topic of drugs and alcohol will get to ride in the car, as well as winners of an Opportunity Enterprises art contest.

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