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Police concealing 'cruisers' identities

Siren-blasting pickup trucks, SUVs, motorcycles to pull over traffic violators

BY KEN KOSKY  Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Porter County Sheriff's Department has some bad news for you if you drive the speed limit whenever a squad car is in the area, then put the pedal to the metal once the police cruiser is out of sight.  Police on Monday announced they will do traffic enforcement with pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and motorcycles -- all vehicles that don't look like traditional police cars. The goal is to get people to drive at all times like a police car is around.  "With school back in, and nice weather, our traffic complaints rise and we're attempting to address them," said Lt. Chris Eckert, police spokesman.  Eckert said officers who are in the nontraditional police vehicles will wear full police uniforms and their vehicles will have lights and sirens. The new police initiative began Monday.  "We're putting them in areas with high amounts of traffic complaints and areas where we've had a high occurrence of crashes," Eckert said.  "We hope to continue (the crackdown), as manpower allows ... as long as possible."  All the vehicles being used for traffic enforcement are owned by the Sheriff's Department. Eckert said police are under no obligation to use any particular vehicle.

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