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Drug Effort nets $42K

County police seize 42 pounds of pot
Porter County Sheriff's Department's new drug interdiction program pays dividends

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


VALPARAISO | Two Porter County police officers assigned to stop the transportation of drugs on major roads passing through the county arrested three people Saturday and confiscated 42 pounds of marijuana from their car.  Arrested on felony charges of dealing marijuana were Faviola Acosta-Lopez, 18, of Los Angeles, Calif., Doarion Bennett, 25, of Los Angeles, Calif., and Jesus M. Moreno, 18, of Compton, Calif.  The traffic stop was at 11 a.m. Saturday on the eastbound Indiana Toll Road in the Chesterton area.  Officers Matt Edwards and Jason Praschak said they stopped a Chrysler 300 for speeding and illegally tinted windows, then got conflicting stories from the three occupants. Edwards and his canine, Bandit, searched the car and found 25 packages of marijuana, police said.  Sheriff David Lain said police seized the marijuana, valued at $1,000 a pound, and are looking into seizing the car.  Lain, who put extra officers on the road to conduct drug interdiction, said intercepting drugs is an important initiative because the region is known as a pipeline through which drugs are transported.  "It's something that's frustrating to us in law enforcement knowing we're a drug highway," Lain said.  "We want to hurt the drug trade in any way we can and want them to know this is risky business and to be afraid to come through Porter County. ... We are pleased that this initiative has borne fruit so soon. The program was only just begun a few weeks ago, and is meant to show that we are ramping up the fight to keep this material off the streets."  In addition to working the Toll Road, officers will be on other busy roads like Interstate 94 and U.S. 30. Lain said Lake County police and the Indiana State Police are among the other agencies doing drug interdiction. Three weeks ago, state police seized $109,020 from a vehicle after the occupants denied ownership of it during a traffic stop on the Toll Road in Chesterton.

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