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Anonymous Donor

Hospitalized children reason for donation
December 25, 2007

By Teresa Auch Post-Tribune staff writer


VALPARAISO -- Porter hospital received a batch of new equipment for its youngest patients, all thanks to an anonymous donor. Porter County Sheriff David Lain said he was contacted last week by someone who wanted to donate $7,000 to the hospital. "(The person) just didn't want to come out publicly but wanted to make sure Christmas could be a little brighter for kids who were stuck in the hospital," Lain said. Lain contacted a nurse at the hospital, who in turn asked the pediatric, neonatal and emergency departments what they could use. Among the requested items were digital cameras and printers for the neonatal unit, so parents could take pictures of their newborns and show them to family and friends, Laurie Wehner-Evans, director of the emergency department, said. Wehner-Evans said the average length of stay for newborns in the unit is two weeks, and only a few people are allowed in to see them. "The digital cameras and printers will be a huge help for parents there," she said. Lain also used the money to buy car seats for ambulances and Power Wheel cars that pediatric patients can use to get from their rooms to treatment areas. Even with those purchases, more than $5,000 was left over. Wehner-Evans said they would probably use the extra money to buy fluid warmers for the newborns. Lain said he was happy he could be a part of the donation. "I wish I had the wherewithal to come up with $7,000 on a whim and do that," he said. "But thank God that there are people who have the means and are more than enthusiastic about sharing it."


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