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Lain wins sheriff's race

nwitimes.com on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 1:33 AM CST


After eight years of being second-in-command of the Porter County Sheriff's Department, David Lain will get a chance to run the department.  Lain, in defeating county police Sgt. Susan Resteau in the sheriff's race, said the citizens must be pleased with the job he and outgoing Sheriff Dave Reynolds did in professionalizing the department.  "I really believe Porter County is a safe county. We do have tremendous talent and we put out a good product," Lain said.  Lain, a Democrat, didn't believe his victory was a result of the anti-Republican backlash. Rather, he said the people trust in his administrative record and his campaign.  The race did turn bitter, with department members lining up behind the two candidates. But Lain said that's the nature of an election and he plans to focus on serving the public, not worrying about who supported him and his opponent.  "We're just going to go back to business as usual. ... Our focus is on the people we're out there to serve," Lain said.  Lain said he will talk to two or three members of the Sheriff's Department during the next few days before choosing who will be his chief deputy when he takes over on Jan. 1.  Lain, 52, of Center Township, said a lot has been accomplished during the eight years he's been part of the leadership, but he still has some top priorities to tackle, like the substance abuse problem in the county. Lain favors fighting drugs by staffing the Porter County Drug Task Force and by assigning manpower to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force. He said the county has benefitted from cash and vehicle seizures to the tune of "six figures" by linking with the DEA.  He also wants to do drug interdiction to intercept drugs on area roadways, and to continue providing drug and alcohol programs for jail inmates since studies show 95 percent of them are behind bars because of substance abuse. School safety is another big issue for Lain. He would like to have a summit with the county's school superintendents to talk about increasing safety, including permanent school resource officers in school systems.  Lain said Internet predators are another issue he will focus on. He would like to educate parents and children about the dangers lurking in cyberspace and have the Sheriff's Department continue to do Internet stings.  Along with those ideas, he would like to create a separate Traffic Division comprised of officers who could devote their time to traffic enforcement.

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