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Sheriff Commends Officers

Sheriff Dave Reynolds recommended two officers to the Sheriff’s Dept. Merit Board to receive the Dept. Life Saving Award.


Officer Steve Jenkins and Sheriff David Reynolds


Officer Dan Bocknick and Sheriff David Reynolds


The officers are Lt. Steve Jenkins, who assisted a man who had a heart attack, and Officer Dan Bocknick, who located a subject who had attempted suicide and collapsed in a wooded area.

 Lt. Jenkins was investigating a crash on July 27th, 2006 at 261 N. SR 2 when a man, who was the owner of a damaged mailbox, suffered a heart attack.  The 70-year-old man collapsed, lost consciousness, and stopped breathing.  Officer Jenkins requested an ambulance and then provided life saving first aid, including CPR, until medics arrived.  The victim survived the attack, later regained consciousness, and Lt. Jenkins is credited for saving his life.

 Officer Daniel Bocknick responded to a home at 552 St. Claire Rd. on August 17th after being advised of a missing despondent 88-year-old man.  The man’s son indicated he had already searched the home and nearby woods without finding his father, but Officer Bocknick elected to recheck the areas.  The officer entered the woods, noticed what appeared to be a slight trail in knocked-down grass, and began following it.  Officer Bocknick soon located the victim, who had consumed antifreeze in an attempt to end his life.  Officer Bocknick summoned an ambulance and maintained an open airway for the unconscious man until medics arrived.  The victim later recovered and Officer Daniel Bocknick is credited for not only locating the victim with outstanding observational skills, but for saving his life. 

 Sheriff Reynolds and Chief Deputy Dave Lain also credited members of the department for solving a number of other high profile cases during the past year.  Chief Lain indicated, “The Sheriff’s Dept. has been involved in a high number of in-depth cases during the past year, and officers and detectives displayed a high degree of investigation and intensity in solving almost every major case they became involved in.  It certainly shows a level of professionalism the citizens in Porter County expect and deserve from the Sheriff’s Department.”  Some of these cases were:

  -The burglary of the Pines Elementary School on August 8th in which a 21-year-old Michigan City man broke into the facility, stole several thousand dollars worth of computer equipment, and was apprehended by patrol units within minutes of committing the crime.  All of the stolen equipment was recovered.

-An armed robbery that occurred on July 18th at the Spot Light Foods business on U.S. Hwy. 12 in the Pines, in which a 25-year-old Michigan City man injured a clerk with a knife while robbing the business.  Officers and detectives quickly obtained information from witnesses, worked with officers from several other jurisdictions, and arrested the suspect within several hours of committing the robbery.  The suspect was charged with Armed Robbery and taken into custody.

-The assault and robbery of a 65-year-old South Haven woman at her home in Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park on June 7th.  The attacker, a 49-year-old Valparaiso woman, fled the scene in the victim’s car, and left the Porter County area.  Detectives immediately contacted police agencies in several areas where the woman was believed to be headed, and information on the case was provided to Crime Stoppers, which received a tip that led to the apprehension of the suspect in Santa Clause, IN.  Again, cooperation between multiple agencies and the quick response to the incident were extremely important in the arrest.

-The arrest of two subjects, a 25-year-old man and a 28-year old man, both from Valparaiso, who were involved in multiple smash-and-grab burglaries of convenience stores in Porter County during the first three months of 2006.  Two alert patrol officers, one from the Sheriff’s Dept. and the second from the Porter Police Dept., located and pursued the suspects as they fled the scene of one of the crimes, which occurred on March 26th at Virk’s Mart on U.S. Hwy. 12 in Pine Twp.  The officers arrested the men following a vehicle pursuit, crash, and foot chase.  Detectives quickly tied the suspects to several other similar crimes in Porter and La Porte counties, and the men, who were convicted felons, face numerous additional felony charges in both counties.

-The arrest of two men involved in a brutal home invasion on a case that had been unsolved for several years.  Detectives determined one of the men, a 44-year-old Valparaiso resident, had been the individual who entered the home of a Valparaiso physician six years ago, and brutally attacked the doctor and his wife.  Detectives determined the two men had been involved in several burglaries in Porter County within the past year, and diligent investigation connected them to the home invasion.  The men were both convicted of the crimes, and the attacker, who had been released from prison less than a month before the attack, was sentenced to 44 years in prison.

-The arrest of a 42-year-old Lake Eliza man who committed at least two smash-and-grab burglaries of convenience stores in Porter County prior to July, 2006.  Detectives obtained information on a possible suspect and vehicle from a burglary on July 10th at the Family Express on Burlington Beach Rd., and provided the patrol division with the information.  Responding patrol units to another burglary at the Always Open store at U.S. Hwy. 6 and North Calumet Ave. on July 13th recognized a suspect vehicle and stopped it, which led to the arrest of the suspect and the recovery of numerous stolen items.  

-The arrest of several juveniles who had been involved in multiple crimes of thefts from vehicles and burglaries prior to April 22nd in Porter County.  Two detectives on a stakeout of the Woods of the Winding Creek area, which had been targeted repeatedly, observed a suspicious vehicle, stopped it, and their investigation led to the recovery of stolen items and solving numerous cases.  The suspects had just left the scene of several crimes when they were stopped and arrested.

-The arrest and conviction of a 30-year-old Union Township man who killed an 18-month-old child of his fiance’ while in a rage of anger. The man was watching the child, became angry, and killed the infant by shaking and throwing him onto a bed.  The man was later convicted of homicide after a jury deliberated only 6 hours, and Detectives and officers were complimented for a diligent investigation which led to the quick conviction.

-The arrest of a 21-year-old Union Twp. man who committed and armed robbery at the Hop-n-Stop convenience store on U.S. Hwy. 30 on June 26th.  Detectives began an intensive investigation, developed a possible suspect, and then began a stakeout in which the suspect was observed buying and delivering a large amount of drugs.  He was arrested following assistance from patrol officers and was charged with numerous felonies, including armed robbery and possession of controlled substances.

-An extremely involved case involving the arrest of a 37-year-old South Haven man in September, 2006, who repeatedly raped, molested and tortured a 12-year old girl, and molested two other children at his home on Acadia St.  The man is currently in custody and faces over 100 years in prison as a result of his arrest, which followed hundreds of hours of investigation.

-The arrest of 15 men in August, 2006, who attempted to lure underage girls into having sexual relations, contacting their victims via the internet.  The “girls” turned out to be officers from the Sheriff’s Dept. and several other local, state, and federal agencies, and the men were arrested, many after arriving at a house they believed their victims to reside in.  The suspects are being held with no bond and face federal charges that may result in life imprisonment.

-The burglary of Kaboom Fireworks on U.S. 30 in Valparaiso on Sept. 12th in which two juveniles and an 18-year-old Valpo man entered the building and removed items.  An extremely quick response by patrol units from the Sheriff’s Dept. and Valparaiso police resulted in the capture of all three suspects and the recovery of the stolen property.

-The arrest of 4 Center Township juveniles in October, 2006, who were involved in over a hundred thefts from vehicles, several burglaries, vehicle thefts, and vandalism in Center, Portage, and Union Townships during the previous several months.  Alert patrol officers obtained information and provided it to detectives, who were able to determine the suspects were involved in a major crime wave in Porter County.  The suspects were all charged with multiple felony counts and arrested.

-The arson and burglary of the Liberty Recreation concession stand in Liberty Twp. on October 18th that led to felony charges against two Liberty Twp. juveniles.  Detectives obtained information on the suspects, and diligent investigation led to their confessions and charges being filed.

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