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Drifting Dunes Girl Scout Troop 544

Visit to the Sheriff's Dept.


On Wednesday afternoon, the Girl scouts from Troop 544 came to the Porter County Sheriff's Department to further their quest of earning merit badges for fighting substance abuse. Chief David Lain and Sgt. Tim Emmons spoke to them about the problems associated with addiction, and gave many of them an opportunity to experience visual impairment through the use of "Fatal Vision" goggles, loaned to us by Valparaiso PD.
These are specially designed glasses that distort what the wearer sees, much like that encountered by a drunk driver. After finding that they could not walk in a straight line, or even remain standing, the scouts (plus one big
brother) had a better appreciation of the dangers of intoxication.
A couple girls were even given the chance to be tested on a Portable Breath Tester (PBT). Both passed.
After a video tour of the jail, and a Q & A session with the Chief, each was presented with a Sheriff's Department shoulder patch, a safety whistle from Crime Stoppers, and a key chain.

Fatal Vision Goggles


Public Information Officer Tim Emmons talks to the troop


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