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Former Purdue football player tracked by sheriff’s bloodhound

By Jon Seidel / Post-Tribune staff writer

Dec. 3, 2005


As soon as the dog jumped into his lap and began licking his face, he knew it was over.

“I have to do something now,” said Kyle Darnell Williams, a 19-year-old former Purdue University football player.

In his lap was Samantha, a Porter County Sheriff’s Department bloodhound who allegedly helped solve two attempted sexual assaults police said were committed by Williams on Purdue’s campus.

“They were very complimentary,” Porter County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Emmons said.

Emmons also said Samantha, who is handled by Porter County Sheriff’s Sgt. Charles Douthett, is one of very few bloodhounds in the area, which is how the two ended up helping Purdue police.

“They called us and asked for his help,” Emmons said.

In West Lafayette, according to police, Purdue police arrested Williams, who is from Bolingbrook, Ill., minutes after a second sexual assault against a female student on campus.

Police said Williams approached an 18-year-old woman at 8:45 p.m. Tuesday, severely beat her about the face and attempted to remove her clothing. He was scared off by another student, according to reports.

Williams approached the second victim at 10:30 p.m. that night, assaulting her the way he did to the first victim, police said. He was scared away again by a bicyclist.

A Purdue police officer said he found Williams six blocks away wearing blood-stained clothing.

At first, Williams told police he had not attacked the women, police said. Then Samantha was brought to the station where Williams was being held.

Police rubbed a scent pad against a victim’s jeans, which police said had been handled by the attacker.

After smelling the scent pad, police said, Samantha walked through the police station, past numerous other people, and jumped in Williams’ lap and licked his face.

“A short time after that,” Emmons said, “the guy made the comment.”

He also confessed to the crimes, according to reports.

Samantha also was used to lead police from the scene of the first attack back to Williams’ apartment, police said, and then from the apartment to the area of the second attack.

“That was a good part of the probable cause,” Emmons said.

Williams was charged with attempted felony rape with serious bodily injury, attempted felony rape, aggravated battery and battery.

Emmons said Samantha’s handler used to have another bloodhound who worked for the sheriff’s department.

She died recently, though.

Samantha, meanwhile, has been with the department “quite a while,” Emmons said.


Samantha and Sgt. Charles Douthett

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