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Visitors From Russia Tour the PCSP Dept.


Pictures with the Thompson Gun


Sheriff David Reynolds and Chief David Lain hosted about a dozen visitors from Russia who were in the US on an agricultural tour during February. 

The program which enabled them to come to Indiana is based in San Francisco, and promotes international understanding in the farming industry. 

The guests were hosted locally by the Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis Club, of which the Sheriff is a member.  In addition to seeing the divisions of the Sheriff's Department, they took a full tour of the jail.  They seemed intrigued by the Department's Thompson submachine gun that was stolen by John Dillinger, and many wanted to hold it.  A souvenir "wanted poster" was given to one of the guests, and all were given a bag of other trinkets to take home.  The visitors spoke through an interpreter and asked many questions.  After the chief had offered his services if they ever needed help, the Russian gentleman who had the wanted poster made, jokingly asked what would happen if a Customs Officer at the airport found it.  Chief Lain quipped that although he had offered assistance- that it was the Russian's problem.










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