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American Heart Association honors

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Marla Carter


Chris Daly


Paula Alyea


Not Pictured Terri Birky, Gina Milko, Pat Cleary and Lisa Miller


Eight Porter County dispatchers honored

Heart Association recognizes them for coaching 911 callers in CPR

 VALPARAISO -- The American Heart Association has presented American Heartsaver awards to eight Porter County dispatchers who helped talk 911 callers through performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation while emergency responders raced to the location.  The dispatchers are Paula Alyea, Susan Baugher, Terri Birky, Marla Carter, Patricia Cleary, Christine Daly, Gina Miko and Lisa Miller.  "They were in a position to provide that pre-arrival medical instruction," said Porter County 911 Director Dave Sheibels.  "It's what the dispatchers do.  "All the dispatchers who received awards coached someone through performing CPR during 2003. Some of the patients later died. But the Heart Association recognizes those who use CPR or an automated external defibrillator, regardless of outcome.  Miko, who instructed a woman how to perform CPR on her husband, said the patient later died. But she said she's played a role in saving four or five lives during her 10 years as a dispatcher.  "It's my job," Miko said.  "I'm for it (pre-arrival medical instruction). We can help people in a situation where they need help before the firefighters, medics or police officers get there. "Written on the Heart Association awards are the message that they are, "To honor the outstanding efforts of one who has improved the chain of survival in their community."  Sheibels said Porter County, which has been using pre-arrival medical instruction for a decade, is ahead of much of the nation in dispatching capability.
"Why waste valuable seconds and minutes while emergency responders are en route if somebody can give patient care over the phone?" Sheibels said.

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