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Boys Honored

Porter County Sheriff's Department

Honors Quinn Donnell and James Patton

for their good citizenship.





In early April, Officer Ron Kurmis was approached by Mrs Donnell, who said that her son, Quinn Donnell and his friend James Patton had found a check for $50,000.00 made out to the Porter County Sheriff’s Department on the road and wanted to know how to return it to the right people,

When Officer Kurmis told Sheriff Reynolds and Chief Lain the story, they decided to celebrate the boys' honesty and integrity.  The boys and their parents were invited to the Sheriff's Merit Board meeting on April 12, and presented them each with a letter and a certificate signed by the Chief and Sheriff.  It thanked them for their display of good citizenship and maturity.

 The check was a payment of taxes by a local construction company.

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