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Porter County Vs Lake County

Public Safety Agencies Blood Drive June 4th 2004



Chief of Police Dave Lain


Sheriff David Reynolds


Major Doug Snider


Porter County 58 Units

Lake County 102 Units


No losers in blood battle


Lake County wins by the numbers, but Porter County also exceeds goal

There were no losers in the blood donor battle between the Lake and Porter sheriff's departments, according to Gail Atkinson, the donor recruitment representative for the American Red Cross.  Each county surpassed the overall goal, which was 50 donors, Atkinson said Saturday.  "They very much exceeded their goal, and everyone who 'presented' is a hero," she said.  The competition, which took place Thursday through Saturday, was based on how many donors "present" or show up to give blood, Atkinson said. Not all donors, she explained, are found eligible to actually give blood.  Out of the 64 presented on Friday in Porter County, 58 units were drawn. On the same day in Lake County, out of the 121 presented, 102 units were obtained.  "Obviously (Lake) beat us, but it was a happy competition," said Atkinson, whose seven-county district includes Porter County but not Lake.  The rules of the competition allowed each county to continue accepting donations as long as they were within one day of the actual competition on Friday.  That meant out of the 46 presented Thursday in Lake County, 41 units were drawn. On Saturday, out of 41 presented in Porter County, 30 units were collected.  It was the first such competition, Atkinson said, but it won't be last.  "We hope to do it annually," she said, adding that the winner gets a plaque, which will "travel" each year, much like a traveling trophy.

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