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Indiana Attorney General Visits

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter Visits

The Porter County Sheriff's Dept.


Attorney General Steve Carter speaks in support of Porter County Triad


Porter Twp. Trustee Bob Wichlinski, Sheriff David Reynolds, Triad President

Anne Neiquist-White, Att. Gen. Carter, Chief David Lain,

PCSP Chaplain & Triad member Jay Birkey


On May 1st, Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter came to the Porter County Sheriff’s Department to present the Porter County Triad with 200 special “Emergency Beacons”. These unique 60-watt bulbs are to be used in place of standard front porch lights in the homes of local senior citizens. When the light is switched on in the normal fashion they operate just like the standard bulb. When the switch is rapidly turned “on”, “off” then “on” again, an internal flasher will activate, which will signify that the resident may need emergency help.

  “The flashing light will be readily visible to emergency responders”, said Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy David Lain. “It could save valuable seconds when time is an imperative issue.”

 Lain began organizing the Triad early in 2003, and is the group’s facilitator. Triad is comprised of people from varying backgrounds and professions, including law enforcement, clergy, senior advocates, healthcare, as well as representatives from several levels of government. The newly elected Chairperson, Anne Neiquist-White is a retired high school English teacher and active member of AARP. She was also present at the Attorney General’s presentation.

 The Attorney General’s office promotes and supports all of the state’s 18 active Triads. Mr. Carter spoke Saturday of the importance he personally places on providing Indiana seniors with the quality of life that they deserve. He felt that these light bulbs should have wide usage throughout the state. To that end, he procured funding to purchase two thousand of them by his office for distribution via the network of the Triad organizations.

 Porter County Triad will discuss how to best distribute the bulbs donated by Attorney General Carter at their next meeting on May 17th. Prior to that, Lain, Neiquist-White and her husband Don will represent Porter County at the National Triad Conference to be held in Indianapolis May 9-12



Sheriff Reynolds thanks Att. Gen. Carter for his support of Triad.

Seated (L to R) Anne Neiquist-White,

Att. Gen. Steve Carter, PCSP David Lain,


Chief David Lain speaks


Porter Twp. Trustee Bob Wichlinski talks to

Att. Gen. Carter about the purchase of additional bulbs.


Attorney General Carter and Jordan Lain


Attorney General Carter with Jeffrin Lain


Att. Gen Carter with Chief Lains's Mother Betty


Attorney General Carter with Triad Vice President Dave Chnupa


Chief Lain with EMA Director Phil Griffith and Att, Gen. Carter

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