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AARP Indiana Members are called to Action

Ever wonder how to dispose of leftover medications?Do you have old prescriptions around the house?Do you need to clean out that medicine cabinet?On September 20, 2003 join other AARP Members and interestedcitizens in disposing of expired and unused prescription and non-prescription drugs!Bring them to one of the following locations in Valparaiso:Porter County Sheriff’s Office2755 St Rd 49 or theNorth County Sheriff’s Officeat 326 W 700 N

AARP volunteers and uniformed officers will be there to take your containers. A thank you gift for your participation will be given to you from AARP. Why Should I Do This? Unused drugs can be an accidental health threat. They can contaminate the environment if they get into drinking and ground water. Some may kill bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic system if flushed down the drain and may produce resistant bacteria. Burning can release toxic pollutants into the air. They can be scavenged from trash receptacles and illegally sold. Join concerned friends and community in eliminating this hazard. All pharmaceuticals are disposed of as a hazardous poison in a very high-temperature incinerator. Your Participation Can Make a Difference!

On Saturday September 20th over 300 pounds of prescription and non-prescription medication,    syringes and needles were brought into the Porter County Sheriff's Officefor proper disposal. 

Thank you to all who participated.





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