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Moving Day

Sunday, October 6th started like any other day at 157 S. Franklin Street,  the former Porter County Jail. Shortly after breakfast was served, the 239 inmates in custody realized that today was finally going to be moving day. Inmates were handcuffed and shackled and moved in groups of 20. Ten inmates in each of two vans formed the middle of a motorcade that wound it's way from the old jail out to the new facility. Accompanied by two motorcycles, 3 patrol cars, members of the SWAT TEAM and 2 Canine Units, the caravan arrived at the new jail, the sally port door was buzzed open and they were whisked inside. Arriving at the booking counter, they answered roll call, were showered, and received their new clothing and cell property, before being ushered to their new accommodations. Less than 8 hours later, all 239 inmates had made the 10 minute trip safe and sound and were getting ready to eat their first dinner time meal in the new jail

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