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Sheriff's Dept. Issues Deer Crash Advisory

Crash/ Deer Advisory


Sheriff’s Police are warning motorists to use caution, especially in rural areas, due to an increase in crashes involving deer on roadways. Deer are very mobile at this time of the year due to rutting season and also hunters in the woods. The Sheriff’s Dept. covered five crashes within the past 24 hours involving vehicles striking deer, and have handled ten crashes within the past week involving deer. The locations of the five crashes were:

US 30 and 325 West in Union Twp.

SR 149 north of 600 North in Liberty Twp.

Smoke Rd. south of Division Rd. in Morgan Twp.

SR 49 south of 115 South in Morgan Twp.

Meridian Rd. north of 600 North in Liberty Twp.

There were no injuries to motorists or passengers from the crashes. There was significant damage to several of the vehicles involved.


DEER vs. CAR update - November 5, 2001

Sheriff’s Police continue to caution motorists to be careful when driving to avoid deer running into the roadway. The Sheriff’s Dept. handled ten additional crashes involving vehicles striking deer during the weekend. The dept. has now handled 20 such crashes in just the past week. The locations of the crashes were throughout the county. There were no injuries (not counting deer…) from the crashes.

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