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New School Year Begins


A new school year begins in just a few weeks in Porter County. The Porter County Sheriff's Office urges motorists to use extreme caution when driving through school zones or near school buses.  The 20 mph speed limit posted in school zones should be always observed and drivers are warned to always stop for school buses when children are loading and unloading.  Many children, especially those attending school for the first time are unfamiliar with pedestrian safety rules. Careful driving can prevent a tragedy and ensure the safety of our children throughout this school year. We will be working hard to insure a safe start and a safe school year for all of Porter County's students. There will be increased patrol in school zones and violators will be ticketed.

Lets make this a safe year for everyone!


Good Luck to our teacher posse members, Penny Callahan and Melody Crowder as they start the new school year!

Penny riding "Dan" and Melody riding "Cowboy"

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