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Porter County Sheriff William Pennington


William D. Pennington was born June 17, 1879 in Warren, Indiana. His parents were David S. Pennington and Hannah (Ludwick) Pennington who also had 3 other sons Raymond, George, Elmer and 2 daughters Mary (Welch) and Nell (Littman). William moved to Valparaiso coming from Wells County. On January 21, 1900 in Valparaiso, Indiana he married Armilla S. Frame. They had two sons Leslie and William, a foster son Delbert Beam and six daughters Maude (Brennan), Anna Marie, Berta (Tudor), Grace (Riddle), Marjorie (Peterson) and Erma (Schultz).

April 18, 1916 William Pennington received a communication from Judge Harry L. Crumpacker appointing William, bailiff of the Porter superior court to succeed H. B. Miller who had deceased. William then became the Porter County Sheriff in 1920-1924.

December 30, 1924 William Pennington, retired as sheriff after serving two terms, then became deputy sheriff under W.B. Forney, who had served as deputy under Pennington. This was the third term for Forney as sheriff, having served two terms previous to the election of Pennington. William served as a fireman and was deputy sheriff to Forney along with Burney Maxwell and James Jones in 1925. On January 30, 1926 -February 1928 he was a chief of police until he resigned in February 1928.

May 7, 1930-1934 William served as the Morgan township trustee. He was a member of the Valparaiso Elks and the Moose (of which he was the first president), and of the First Presbyterian Church. William died November 28, 1953 in Valparaiso, Indiana, at the age of 74.

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