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Officer Tim Hecht Remembered


Sheriff Reynolds with Tim's parents, Larry and Gerrie Hecht

Officer Hecht's photo is visible in the background


February 11, 1999 started as a normal day at the Porter County Sheriff's Office. Officers had wished for a SWAT team for some time and when Sheriff Reynolds took office in January of that year, it had finally become a reality. The day eventually became immortalized as one of the worst days most of us can remember.

It was mid-morning, about 9:30 am, and the newly formed SWAT Team was undergoing physical training at Wheeler High School's Field house. The following hours and days are etched permanently in most officer's memories

31 year old officer Tim Hecht collapsed during the training exercise and despite the efforts of officers on the scene and the responding firefighters and paramedics, he died later at Porter Memorial Emergency Department.

On Friday, October 18th, a beautiful framed portrait of the Patron Saint Of Police Officers was presented to the department by Tim's parents, Larry and Gerrie Hecht. The photo, depicting Archangel Michael holding a fallen police officer, will be hung in our main lobby along with a photo and memory plaque of officer Hecht that came with us from the old sheriff's department last month

 Hecht's parents also presented a beautiful Crimson King Maple tree in Tim's memory. Members of the SWAT Team planted the tree near the location of the indoor shooting range at our new facility.

Even though he has been physically gone almost 4 years now, he lives on in our hearts and our memories. There is rarely a day that goes by that he isn't mentioned and his wonderful sense of humor remembered.


Major Doug Snider reads inscription on dedication plaque


SWAT Officers Steve Ford, Jeff Biggs and Bob Cauffman

(left to right) finish planting the Crimson King Maple


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